An Irish Halloween Tradition

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Grab a slice of this delicious bread and it might just tell you your future!




As many people know, Halloween has its origins in the ancient Celtic celebration of Samhain. In Ireland, Samhain traditions continue to this day, many of them involving food.

Barmbrack is a delicious fruit bread that is known as Bairín Breac or ´speckled loaf´ in Irish, because of the raisins in the dough. It is not only raisins that are added, though. A ring, a twig, a coin and a piece of cloth are also all mixed in and baked into the loaf.

When ready to eat, the loaf is cut into slices and shared out amongst a group of friends and family. Tradition has it that whoever gets the ring will fall in love and get married before the next year. The twig predicts an unhappy marriage or love life, the coin gives you a year of good luck, and the piece of cloth means you will lose all your money before the next Halloween.

Just be careful when you bite into a slice of barmbrack. You may gain a spouse but you may also lose a tooth!

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