C1 word formation – Panetonne


Read the text. Use the word given in (CAPITALS) to form a word that fits in the gap next to it.

The story of panettone is not (SIMILAR) to the making of it: a sequence of historical fragments, legends, wordplay, propaganda and (INNOVATE) kneaded together so (THOROUGH) that it’s difficult to separate things out. Scholars and food historians such as Massimo Montanari and Stanislao Porzio recognise truth in all the parts that make up the whole, among them: the ancient Roman habit of (SWEET) bread with honey; il rito del ceppo, or the ritual burning of a decorated log at Christmas; a (FORTUNE) mistake of adding yeast to cake by a young chef to the Sforza family, Toni, which resulted in pan di Toni (and then panettone); a 1559 Milanese recipe for yeasted bread with eggs, sugar, butter and fruit; and a dictionary (ENTER) in 1606 that (DEFINE) panaton as a large bread made for Christmas.



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