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Our Teachers

Our teachers are our greatest asset. IH Valladolid employs highly qualified, experienced professionals. All of the teachers attend weekly seminars to share knowledge, experience and techniques, as well as keeping up to date with the latest pedagogical developments in our profession.
Our teachers, besides being university graduates are specifically trained as Spanish as Second Language Teachers, have continuous training and constant evaluation of their work in the classroom.

Our students are a priority for us. Their learning and their stay with us will always be our top concern to guarantee the highest quality in all our services. They will be always able to count on the IH Valladolid team to help them in whatever need.

Our Methodology

Our teaching methods are focused on communication. This hands-on, interactive and personalised approach ensures that you will understand and speak Spanish from the very first day. Our method places special emphasis on the development of language skills in the form of oral and written communication, while continuing to pay attention to the theoretical aspects of the Spanish language. Our final aim is for you, the student, to speak Spanish both fluently and correctly.

Our Quality Control

Our school is continually awarded the highest levels of quality in the language instruction sector. These educational accreditations depend on regular evaluations of the school and our staff members, both academic and administrative, who consistently uphold a high quality of teaching and keep all the school’s documentation updated.

IH Valladolid Mission:

IH Valladolid fosters intercultural understanding and communication through the provision of the highest quality, personalized, innovative and engaging Spanish as a foreign language courses delivered by our team of highly trained and professional experts in the field in an inclusive and sustainable way.

IH Valladolid Vision:

At IH Valladolid we are working towards inspiring our learners to help foster intercultural understanding after their course by leaving them with a positive and memorable experience that will stay with them through their lives. We are working towards innovative solutions to language learning through digital applications and resources such as virtual reality and we constantly working towards ensuring the learner experience is truly world class in terms of quality and completely sustainable so our learners leave our courses as ambassadors for intercultural understanding for the rest of their lives.

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Desirée Peiffer

All in all, IH Valladolid did a great job and helped me a lot. I enjoyed learning spanish with them and I felt very comfortable.

«I really recommend this school.»

Official DELE Examination Centre

Official Centre in Valladolid!

Thanks to the preparation of our teachers, we became an examination centre for the official Spanish Diploma, DELE in 2011. You can sit an exam of any level of the DELE examinations (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2).
If you want an official diploma with unlimited validity, which proves your Spanish level, don’t hesitate to contact us and our team will advise you. We offer different preparation courses for these exams and have an 80% success rate! You don’t need to be studying with us in order to take the DELE exam in our centre.

You can also take the CCSE and A2 exams at International House Valladolid, a requirement for all those wishing to obtain Spanish nationality. Contact us for more information about the CCSE in Valladolid such as how to take or how to do the CCSE exam in Valladolid. 

Take an EXAM WITH US if

·You want to improve your employment prospects in Valladolid

·You wish to study in Spain, Valladolid

·You want to become a Spanish National


For most of students, accommodation will be an immediate concern. Don’t worry. When it comes to accommodation in Valladolid we’ve got you covered with a whole array of options!

Family Accomodation

All the host families have been specially chosen by IH Valladolid.
Enjoy an unforgettable experience staying with a host family. You will have privacy in your own room and at the same time you will be able to get in touch with the Spanish culture while you talk in Spanish with the family. As well as being the most enjoyable option, it is the cheapest for the students who plan to stay in Valladolid for a medium or a long period of time. The families usually live near IH Valladolid.

Room and board cover different options: half board (breakfast and lunch at about 2 pm) or full board (breakfast, lunch and dinner). Meals are served following the local custom, which is usually later than in your country, and it consists of typical dishes of the native cuisine.

Student Residence

In this case rooms are individual and with an en-suite. You can book half or full board. The residence is very closed to IH Valladolid.

You must check well in advance the availability of this service with the school because it depends of the residence. In the residence you will live together with students from other countries, but it is highly likely that you will live together with students from different parts of Spain who come to study at Valladolid during the course.


Valladolid has a wide range of accomodations of all grades, but remember that this is the most expensive accommodation in the city.

Learn Spanish in Valladolid

A reputable school famous for it’s high quality Spanish programs organized through International House.

IH Valladolid, created in 1997, is a member of the IH World Organization whose teaching and teacher training date back to 1953. It is currently a growing and highly accredited school in the Region of Castilla y León. What is the secret of its success?

Learn Spanish in International House Valladolid

As International House Valladolid has grown in size and reputation so has the range of courses and programs it offers. Our program has been created specifically to attend to the varied needs and desires of foreign students coming to Spain to learn Spanish in Valladolid. Indeed the program was created by students who came to Spain many years ago to learn Spanish and who ended up staying in Valladolid!


Over the years, Valladolid has become a modern and well-communicated city. It is the capital of Castilla-León and is open to industry, new technology and culture. But, as Valladolid increases its pace, the “Vallisoletanos” still like going to the cinema or theatre, going out with their friends, and eating and drinking well.
Valladolid has reached the twenty-first century combining the best of progress and quality life style.


Geographical Location

Valladolid is the capital of the region of Castile and Leon, the sixth largest city in Spain and it is an excellent starting point to travel to cities such as Salamanca, Burgos or Segovia. Valladolid is located one hour from Madrid by high-speed train and two hours from the north coast of the country. It is a comfortable, safe and clean, medium size city and its variety of Spanish is clear, thanks to its neutral accent.

Valladolid’s Gastronomy & Wine

The culture and tradition of this land is linked to wine. Three of them fall under the Designation of Origin: Ribera de Duero, Cigales and Rueda. In addition, the city offers a wide variety of gastronomic options. In Valladolid going out for tapas has become an art.


During the year various competitions and festivals are held, such as the international film festival SEMINCI. Numerous castles populate the province, the most important ones are those of Fuensaldaña, Simancas, Peñafiel and Medina del Campo.

As an University Town

As an university town, you can find many pubs and clubs, which close late at night during the weekend.

Literature in Valladolid

Our city holds the houses of two famous writers, such as Miguel de Cervantes, Don Quixote’s author, and José Zorrilla, the romantic poet who wrote Don Juan Tenorio.

Main Sights

The most important is the National Sculpture Museum whose works of polychrome Mannerist sculpture are shown during the famous Easter processions.

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