Reading about Real Madrid’s stadium

The Bernabéu Stadium, located in the centre of Madrid, is a renowned football stadium that stands as the iconic home of Real Madrid, one of the world’s most successful football clubs. The stadium, officially named Estadio Santiago Bernabéu after the club’s former president, Santiago Bernabéu, has a rich history dating back to when it was opened in 1947. With a seating capacity of over 81,000, it offers an electrifying atmosphere for fans to support their beloved team.
The stadium is a symbol of football excellence, lots of games have been played here, including numerous victories in home and international competitions. The Bernabéu also hosts major football events, attracting fans from all corners of the globe.
Its modern facilities include new technology, comfortable seating, and excellent views of the pitch. The Bernabéu Stadium tour allows visitors to explore the club’s trophy room, player locker rooms, and the impressive pitch itself.
The Bernabéu Stadium is not just a sports venue; it’s a pilgrimage site for football enthusiasts, offering a glimpse into the glorious past and present of Real Madrid.



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