Vocabulary – Adverbs

AdverbExample SentenceExplanation
AlwaysShe always arrives early for the meetings.Indicates a 100% frequency, something happens all the time.
UsuallyI usually go for a run in the morning.Indicates a high frequency, something happens regularly, but not always.
OftenThey often eat lunch together.Suggests a frequency greater than ‘usually’, but not as regular as ‘always’.
SometimesI sometimes forget my keys at home.Indicates an occurrence that happens occasionally but not regularly.
RarelyHe rarely watches TV.Indicates a low frequency, something happens infrequently.
Hardly everShe hardly ever visits the museum.Similar to ‘rarely,’ suggesting an extremely low frequency.
NeverThey never miss their flight.Indicates a 0% frequency, something does not happen at any time.



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