Take a look at the results of our Mock Exam!

It´s a brand new year at IH Valladolid!

We´ve had a busy 2018 so far, dedicating one whole Saturday to our yearly Mock Exam Day. This is a Saturday where students have the opportunity to sit the FCE, CAE, or IELTS under exam conditions at our centre in Parquesol.

We do everything – the Writing, Listening, Reading (and Use of English) papers and even Speaking –  all as if it´s the real exam. Below is a table with a summary of all the results from this year. Keep in mind that the numbers below include some teenagers in our Teens 4 classes who aren´t planning to do the exam for another few years. They just wanted to test themselves!

All the 85 people who signed up did really well. The youngest student was only 13 years old, so a special congratulations to them!

Average Score Lowest Score Highest Score Most difficult Paper Easiest Paper
FCE 58 % 31 % 83.8 % Reading and Use of English Speaking
CAE 63.2 % 49.2 % 83.6 % Reading and Use of English Speaking


Band 7 Band 5.5 Band 8 Writing Reading

For the FCE and CAE, 60% or above is generally considered a pass and the candidate is awarded a Level B2 certificate (C1 for the CAE). If you get between 45 and 59%, you are only awarded a Level B1 certificate (B2 for the CAE).

If you got an average score of 70%, we recommend you register for the next exam in March 2018. If you got between 60 and 70%, we recommend waiting until June. Exams are stressful and anyone can have a bad day. It´s best to go in feeling confident!

Over the next few weeks we will be posting tips for getting the best marks possible in each part of the exams.  First up, writing! Stay tuned…

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