First IELTS session in Valladolid

We are delighted to announce that on Saturday we held the first ever session of IELTS in the Valladolid area! We are also pleased to announce that the session was fully booked. We want to offer our congratulations to all of the candidates, both the candidates who prepared with us and those who prepared elsewhere, who took the exam. Well done all of you no matter what score you get! The session went well and the British Council were able to conduct all aspects of the exam on the same day. All candidates results will be sent directly to you in the next two weeks and our fingers are crossed that you get the results that you deserve!

The number of candidates taking IELTS continues to grow year on year and the exam is now well and truly cemented as the most popular English as a foreign language exam in the world. An IELTS certificate can open doors to candidates not just in Spain but on a truly global basis.

We will be providing more practice materials and more information about IELTS in the coming days and weeks!

If you still don’t know about IELTS then head over to our website to get information about the exam and free practice materials!

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