Australian animals 9 out of 12 (Western Red Kangaroo)

Western Red Kangaroo

When people think of Australia, one of the first things they may think of is the Kangaroo. The Western Red is the largest of the Kangaroo species, and also the largest living marsupial. The name comes from the orange or red colouration of the males, where the females are normally  blue and grey. Males are generally much larger than females, and can grow up to 2.4m long, including their tail, while the females are usually closer to 2m. The real story is in their weight, though with males regularly growing in excess of 92kg and the females usually weighing only around 40kg.

As an icon of Australiana many people try to get photos with kangaroos. This is fine, although still advised against, when dealing with an animal or population that is accustomed to human activity. However, Kangaroos are still wild animals and do not always respond well to humans encroaching on their personal space.

The image of the ¨boxing kangaroo¨ is well known, but it´s not the boxing you need to worry about. Kangaroos kick when threatened, and given both their powerful legs and sharp hind claws, they are more than capable of killing and hurting a kangaroo, or a human trying to take a selfie! So remember, no Kangaroo selfies because you might get kicked!

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