Australian animals, part 3 of 12 (Dugite)


Pronounced ¨DEW-gite¨, the Dugite is similar in many ways to the Eastern Brown snake and could be considered its counterpart on the West Coast of Australia. Where the Eastern Brown is found only in Australia´s Eastern states, the Dugite is similarly found to live in the Western part of the country. Like the Eastern Brown, it is comfortable in a range of habitats including the dryer interior of the west as well as the beautiful coastal areas of the southwest. It even has a similar appearance, growing to around 1.5 metres with a dark Brown color, similar to grey and olive, and is sometimes called the ¨spotted Brown snake¨.

Also in similarity with the Eastern Brown snake, the Dugite is frequently found under old piles of things in suburban gardens, leading to a high rate of contact with humans. In fact, over 70% of of people who get bitten by a snake in Perth hospitals were bitten by a Dugite. However, due to the small size of its fangs it is difficult for Dugite bites to penetrate thick material and often this means that venom is not injected at the place of the bite.

Symptoms of a Dugite bite may include stomach pain, difficulty breathing and/or swallowing, low blood pressure and ultimately kidney failure which may result in death if the bite is not treated quickly.

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