Australian animals part 6 of 12 (White tail spider)

White tail spider

The White tail spider is a small spider, normally less than 2cm long, but it has a big reputation.

Despite what you may hear, the bite of the white tailed spider will not cause your skin to be eaten away by a flesh eating poison. Two recent studies have document over 100 verified bites by white tail spiders and so far have not shown there to be any bad effects apart from pain and swelling, similar to that caused by a bee sting. It may be that there are other factors involved in reported stories of spider bites causing terrible affects of the skin, but at the moment the best research has not been able to find a link with the white tail spider.

The white tail is common to the southern, cooler, regions of Australia and is a common sight in homes and gardens in the large metropolitan centres. The white tail is a predatory spider that prefers to hunt for its food rather than spin a web. In fact, its main food is other spiders! Its preferred prey includes the much more dangerous Redback Spider, who also likes to stay close to where people live.

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