Bedtime reading in English

More on reading English.


When my children were young, we always read a story before going to sleep. Always.


One of our favourite authors was Roald Dahl, who is well known for his children’s books. Roald Dahl loved words and his stories are delightful to read aloud.


We loved The Enormous Crocodile.  In case you haven’t read it, it’s about an enormous crocodile who wants to eat a nice juicy little child.  He tries all sorts of secret plans and clever tricks to get close enough to a child to eat him up, but every time, other animals warn the children.


The first thing he tries is to hold as many coconuts and leaves as he can and stand up on his tail, so he looks like a coconut tree.

Next, he pretends to be a seesaw in the playground.  He finds a log and lies across it, with his feet close to his body.

Then, he pretends to be a wooden crocodile on a merry-go-round.

After that, he pretends to be a bench next to a picnic table.

Finally, Trunky the Elephant catches him and…


Read the book to find out what happens!

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