Am I supersitious?


Sadly, I am the opposite of a good-luck charm for my team.  Whenever I watch them, they lose.


Well, perhaps that is not exactly right.  I have seen them win matches.  However, when I watch them play a really important game, they lose.  The worst one was at Twickenham about 15 years ago when we lost, 43-3.


Sometimes, my team just plays badly from the start. Sometimes, they start well, and as they go into the lead, they seem to lose confidence, as if they don’t know what to do in this situation, and they begin to fall over their own feet.  Or they make silly mistakes and the other team is awarded a penalty after penalty.


Today, they were playing a super-important game and I DID NOT WATCH IT.  And they won! I feel light-headed with pleasure and at the same time a bit silly and annoyed with myself for not watching it, missing the excitement of seeing my team beat England for the first time in ten long years.


Well, Scotland beat England 25-13.  I am a happy woman 🙂

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