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Check out another one of our incredible (and free!) materials to help you practice English.     A2 – Weather & Song Listeninge
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More free materials!   A1 Grammar & Listening – Past Simple
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Who doesn’t love ice cream? Download the free material to practice your English!   B1 Reading – Ice Cream
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Enjoy another example of some free materials provided by a teacher at IH Valladolid   B2 Derivatives -Happiness
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Have a look at some of our free materials for the present simple! .A1 Grammar – Present Simple
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Learning English through reading. What do you like to read? I love reading, and I read everything – magazines, websites, books, the backs of cereal boxes, everything. Not only is […]
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Do you want to help your child practice directions? Then have a look at this FREE resource you can use with your children. Just download the sheet from link below […]
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Great websites for practicing listening skills: Students often ask the question: ‘How can I practise listening outside class?’ There are so many resources available for English learners on the internet. […]
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