Learn English through reading

Learning English through reading.

What do you like to read?

I love reading, and I read everything – magazines, websites, books, the backs of cereal boxes, everything.

Not only is reading is a great way to practice your language, it has the added bonus that you get to enter new worlds and meet all kinds of new people.

Lately, I have been reading fantasy books by Robin Hobb, an American author, so my head is full of dragons, and magic, and great battles.  Some of the people in the book are being changed by the dragons, and have grown colourful scales and even wings.  Other characters have been swept up by the events around them and find themselves in extremely dangerous situations, fighting raiders from across the sea and traitors from within their own family.  The theme of magic, and the ability to use magic, runs through the books like a silver thread.

If you like reading, have a look at the website below.  On it, you can find lots of stories, graded for different levels.


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