The CELTA is the qualification that we expect from all of our teachers at IH Valladolid although it is fair to say that all of the schools in our network request this qualification from teachers. The qualification is awarded by the University of Cambridge and is therefore one of the most prestigious teaching qualifications in the industry.

So what is the CELTA?

Firstly, CELTA is not an exam. The only way that you can be awarded a CELTA by the University of Cambridge is by teaching highly effective lessons in front of a qualified teacher trainer (and in front of all of the other trainee teachers!).

All in all, to be awarded the CELTA teachers will have to teach 10 successful lessons, every lesson will be assessed both from the lesson plan, what happened in the classroom, and how well the teacher reflected on the lesson. Unfortunately the CELTA is a very difficult and demanding course and not everyone passes, but for those teachers who do pass, they are ready to embark on the exciting journey that is teaching English!

As well as planning and delivering lessons, CELTA trainees also have to complete four assignments which are also assessed by a qualified teacher trainer. After all of the assignments have been approved, the lessons have been taught, and the trainee teacher has attended many hours of face to face teacher training sessions in small groups of no more than 12, they have their license to teach.

So why do IH Valladolid only accept the CELTA as a certificate? Because it is one of the only teaching certificates that assess teachers on how well they teach and not only on what the teacher knows about the language!

For more information about our teachers, or if you are considering becoming an English teacher yourself, contact IH Valladolid.

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