Australian animals Part 1 of 12! (Inland Terapin)

Australia has a lot of dangerous animals. We are going to give you information on 12 of them over the next week or two so remember to check back to see what animals we are writing about!


Inland Taipan

Drop for drop, the Inland Taipan, sometimes called the Fierce Snake, is often considered to be the world´s most venomous snake, with a single bight being capable of killing 100 full grown men. Symptoms of a bight may include headache, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, collapse and paralysis. The venom even contains a special enzyme that increases the rate of absorption.

However, despite this highly potent venom, there are very few fatalities attributed to this snake.

Normally found in northern South Australia or southeastern Queensland, the Inland Taipan is generally regarded by profesional snake handlers to be a fairly placid snake to deal with. At around  two metres long and varying in color from pale fawn to a dark Brown, often with a black color to its deeply rectangular head they are easy to identify in the unlikley event that you ever meet one.

Given their remote location, casual travellers are unlikely to encounter an Inland Taipan, but they´re most often active in the early morning during the warmer months, but may be active in the later afternoon during cooler weather.

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